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by Nachtwyn

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Note 1 - ( Super ) headphones recommended.

Note 2 - As you can hear my most favorite sound in the world is that of a softly rumbling/howling wind - be ready for it.

In 1955 I was born as the youngest son of a farmer in the North of The Netherlands, Western Europe. In the year 1959 we moved to a huge farm ( at least for me as a kid it was ) about a mile from the nearest village. For me the next 2 years to come were like heaven - they pretty much shaped my current artistry.

The 'road' ( it was more like a horse track ) to school was too dangerous for me to travel as a 4 year old kid : this meant... that I was free... as free as a bird in the sky for 2 long years... ( of course in the mind of a kid this felt like eternity... )

The thing I remember most about that time ( and the years thereafter! ) was sitting silently somewhere in this huge barn directly connected to the house we lived in. As the first year passed by so did the seasons - and the lights... they dimmed... November came... December came... And there I was : listening now in almost complete darkness to the omnipotent sound of the wind, the rain on the roof - and in the far away distance ( don't forget - I was only a kid at the time ) my mother's voice, almost certainly praising The Lord. What I remember most about her voice was when she finished a song - in one long last vibrating breath...

Today ( 50 years later - ) you will find elements as mentioned above in all my art : distant, almost alienated voices - the omnipotent sound of the softly howling wind ; waves of Nostalgia, and waves of Melancholy.

Nachtwyn 01 - March 2015
Nachtwyn 02 - August 2015
Nachtwyn 03 - February 2017

Johannes Breeuwsma aka Zu Dir - underground sound artist


released August 19, 2015



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Nachtwyn Amsterdam, Netherlands

Zu Dir is an Amsterdam based underground sound artist , and has been so for the past 22 years. He has always focused on creating in solitude and independence - living a self-chosen life in "shadows and beyond". No one knows why. Nachtwyn is one of his many side projects. ... more

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